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Smoke Detectors Check


Smoke Detectors Check

Here’s a quick reminder: Have you checked your smoke alarms lately to see that they are working properly, and the batteries are still good? It is recommended to check them twice a year. Also, they are made to last only 10 years, although they may last longer. So if yours are older than that, be sure they still function.
I saw a study that said that when they did a serious check, they found that brand new smoke detectors that had been verified to work by manufacturers standards only worked correctly 40% of the time!! Most electricians for some reason do not mark the circuits that contain smoke detectors so a homeowner, like you, cannot shut down the 120-volt side of the detector. This is something that I always do.
If you are having problems with any smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector, we would be pleased to help you with questions or installations.

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