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Burnt Receptacles


Burnt Receptacles

Wintertime is a special kind of danger to your electrical system because we often find people plugging in “Space heaters”. Inadequate heat systems or dirty furnace filters, even leaks of air through poor windows. For any variety of reasons, but these space heaters are built quite often so that they are a fairly high burden on the circuit they are plugged in to. The result? Burning of the circuit conductors like in the picture here. Poor connections or loose. Aluminum wiring is really bad about this and even more susceptible to starting a fire.

Have you noticed that when you plug in an appliance that the connection point seems loose? BIG red flag. Those loose connections get hot and soon result in something like this picture. For the sake of your Peace of Mind, please consider letting us take a good look or providing you with an “Electrical Checkup” if you have noticed any of these things or use a space heater.

We have won Angie’s List “Super Service Award” for 9 years now, we can take good care of you!

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