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Install a Ceiling Fan

Home Electrical Repair

Ceiling fans have a unique value when installed properly in your home to help you control both times of heat in the summer and winter time heating season too. Keeping air moving in the summer is obvious for it’s cooling ability, but keeping the air moving slowly in the winter and in the right direction can help evenly distribute heated air back to the lower floor areas too. But they must be installed correctly with the code required boxes and wiring.

Purchasing a cheap inexpensive fan helps the pocket book but might also go bad sooner too. We have customers that run their fans 24/7 for years so a decent quality fan is worth considering. Many of them are not even designed to be repairable., and many also are noisy making it uncomfortable for those with fine hearing.

We have installed so many ceiling fans on the service side that if it can be installed with no damage then you can usually count on it from us. You should always expect some drywall damage but you would be surprised how often the owner never even knew we worked there when we got done.

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