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Panel Upgrades

Panel Upgrades

Your electrical panel/meter system is the very heart of your entire electrical system. This is the place where safety starts by the use of electrical circuit breakers that are intended to sense heat from an electrical problem and automatically shut down the circuit. If your equipment is old or even worse yet obsolete or an abandoned and dangerous circuit breaker box then please don’t hesitate to call us for your free consultation.

An old or dangerous panel opens you up for the possibility of fire or heat damage to your home and we are all about preventing that. Maybe your wires are running in the air across your yard at a low altitude leaving fairly easy access by kids or adults. We can fix that too. If you have had a circuit breaker (s) trip numerous times then you should call us. Did you know that circuit breakers were only designed to trip 7 times before they were considered dangerous? It’s true for most brands.

Angie’s List “Super Service Award “ winners for 9 years.

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